Outtings and Field Trips

Centre staff make every effort to take the children outside everyday, either to play in the playground, or to go for a walk WEATHER PERMITTING. Signing of the Playground /Walk Permission Forms gives permission to the Centre staff to take the children on such outings.

The playroom's Planning Sheets will identify any up-coming field trips.

For each field trip that is planned, signed parent permission is required. Additional parent volunteers may also be required for such trips. The field trip may be cancelled on short notice if there is a lack of the appropriate number of adults to accompany the children.

Children should be dressed in appropriate attire for the fieldtrip (comfortable walking shoes, coat, hat etc.) and when the fieldtrip occurs over the lunch hour parents must provide a brown bag lunch and drink.

The centre provides T-shirts with identifying information for the children to wear on fieldtrips.

TV/Computer Policy

The use of television and movies in the centre will occur occasionally for intentional use in keeping with the rooms programming themes. Movies are "G" rated and viewed by a staff member prior to being played for the children.

Computer usage is at the staff's discretion and will not exceed 1/2 hour per child on any given day.


Child Care Centre staff continually take new photographs of the children for in-Centre use. When the media is involved, special permission will be required for the child's photograph to be taken.