Meals & Snacks

Junk food items and products containing nuts are not permitted.

The Centre will provide a morning snack and an afternoon snack. Parents will be responsible for providing a healthy lunch. This lunch will be offered to the children in a way that promotes independence and decision making. Please provide a variety of healthy choices for your child to choose from.

The centre is a "NUT FREE" area at all times. Please be sure there are no nut products in your child's lunch.

The centre operates under a "NO JUNK FOOD POLICY". Please be sure there are no junk food items in your child’s lunch.

List of Foods Not To Be Served according To Health Regulations, including but not limited to…

Nuts and Seeds Caramels/Toffee
Hard Candies Chewing Gum
Popcorn Gumdrops
Jellybeans Chips, Nacho Chips & Pretzels
Snacks made with toothpicks or skewars

List of Caution Foods for children under the age of 10

Whole grapes - slice lengthwise or quartered
Hot dogs and sausages - slice lengthwise
Hard vegetable pieces - shred or chop
Hard fruit pieces - shred or chop
Fish with bones - remove bones
Fruit with pits - remove pits before sending (i.e. cherries & peaches)

Sample Healthy Lunch Ideas

Lunch #1 Lunch #2
Sandwich with meat Whole Wheat Crackers
Cheese String Mozzarella Cheese Cubes
Yogurt Tube Sausage Slices
Sliced Apples Broccoli Florets
Raisins Rice Pudding

Lunch #3 Lunch #4
Macaroni and Cheese Leftover Pasta
Peas and Corn Red Pepper Slices
Apple Sauce Yogurt with Fruit
Vanilla Pudding Sliced Pears
Cereal Bar Nut Free Granola Bar